BMS World Mission has workers in over 30 countries throughout the world.  It’s Mission Statement says:

As a Christian mission organisation we aim to share life in all its fullness with the world’s peoples by:

  • Enabling them to know Christ

  • Alleviating suffering and injustice

  • Improving the quality of life

with people as our primary agents of change – motivating, training, sending and resourcing them.

Mount Pleasant is partnered with the work of BMS World Mission in Nepal, also known as the “Mountain Kingdom” due to it’s breathtaking scenery. This title, however, hides a people who are amongst the poorest in the world.  Our link missionaries in Nepal that we support financially and in prayer are Alan and Megan Barker, Angus and Helen Douglas and Andy and Jenny Saunders and their visits to Pembroke whilst on Home Assignment have given us a meaningful connection with their lives and work in Nepal.

More information on BMS World Mission is available here.