Grace Group at Henry Tudor School (formerly Pembroke School)

There has been a Christian Union presence at Henry Tudor School for many years and Mount Pleasant has been committed to supporting Grace Group since it began in 2011. The Group meets weekly on a Wednesday during the lunch period in term time. Our aim is to share the message that Jesus taught; the kingdom of heaven is near and all are welcome.

Teenagers’ problems are many and varied, ranging from worries about school work to why do bad things happen to good people. We listen to the young people’s concerns and we share the gospel at every opportunity, but mostly we are listening. As the lunch break is short and the young people need to eat church members provide gifts of food for them and we say a grace before eating. We have a sheet to pass round for the youngsters to share any prayers or blessings and we pray about these between meetings.

A number of churches are represented at Grace Group which is also a blessing and a faithful teacher always joins us, as a representative of the school. This is very helpful as she knows the young people and how the school operates. Mount Pleasant is delighted to support the group as part of our service in the community.