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Mount Pleasant Baptist Church came into existence in 1831 as a result of the growth of the Baptist movement in Pembrokeshire.  This growth had seen the number of Baptist churches increase from 4 in 1790 to 29 in 1832 with many of them being in the southern part of the county, also known as the English-speaking half of Pembrokeshire.

The Baptist Movement in Pembroke continued to grow, especially during the second half of the 19th century.  As a result of this growth, the membership of Mount Pleasant, having now significantly increased, made the decision to erect a new building to accommodate the needs of a growing fellowship and in 1859 the first chapel, overseen by the architect John Cooper and with an estimated cost of £800, was erected with a seating capacity of 320.  However, with the continuing growth this became too small and in the mid-1870’s plans to erect an even bigger sanctuary were accepted.  The foundation stone of the new sanctuary was laid in July 1877.  By May 1878 the construction, in a Gothic style and overseen by the architect Thomas Thomas of Landore, had been completed at a cost of £2500 and could seat 600 people.  The minister at the time was Rev. Evan Thomas who had settled in Pembroke in 1875 and Mount Pleasant continued growing through to the end of the 19th Century.

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Unfortunately, further information regarding Mount Pleasant from this period to the second half of the 20th Century, and the impact that two World Wars had on the church is somewhat sketchy.  We do know that like many other churches attendances decreased following the second World War and Mount Pleasant was no exception.  The 1970’s and following years however, saw a significant increase in the membership of Mount Pleasant to the point it was felt that the existing premises were too small to accommodate this growth and vision for outreach.  This was not helped by restrictions being imposed on the Church when, following a visit to the Church by representatives of CADW (Protection of Historical Buildings in Wales), the building and part of the sanctuary were given a Grade 2 listing.  After much prayerful discussion the membership of Mount Pleasant believed it to be God’s will that a plot of land that had become vacant on the Commons in Pembroke should be purchased for the purpose of constructing a new building as our spiritual home and the existing building sold.  The final service at this building was held in 2005 and Mount Pleasant moved to Ysgol Gelli Aur/Golden Grove school as its temporary home.

Throughout its existence Mount Pleasant has been faithfully served by several pastors.  We will be eternally indebted to these godly men who responded to God’s calling and served the pastorate at Mount Pleasant so faithfully and diligently.