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The wording of the appeal is reproduced below:


The Baptist cause at Pembroke was first begun in 1831, since which time the congregation have so increased that a new and more commodious place of worship was indispensable. A piece of land eligibly situated has been purchased and the memorial stone of a New Chapel, which will accommodate 450 persons (with School Room attached), was laid the 28th of June 1859, and it is expected to be ready for Divine Worship in the ensuing Spring. The cost of the Building will be about £800 including the Freehold which is invested in Trustees and enrolled in the Court of Chancery.

The Members of the Church, with four exceptions, are of the humble class; they have done much towards obtaining their object, yet find themselves under the necessity of thus appealing to those who may be liberally disposed to assist them. The above case is strongly recommended to the consideration of the Christian public, by the undersigned Ministers.

Rev. T Davis, President, Baptist College, Haverfordwest.                     Rev. H J Morgans, Bethany, Pembroke Dock.
Rev. T Burditt, Theological Tutor, Haverfordwest.                                Rev. B J Evans, Manorbear.
Rev. W B Bliss, Bush St. Chapel, Pembroke Dock.                                 Rev. J Rees. Myrtletwy.
Rev. E Davies, Honeyborough.                             Rev. B Thomas, Narberth.                             Rev. D Davies, Narberth.

The Committee respectfully yet earnestly solicit that One Shilling in Postage Stamps may be transmitted to them in the enclosed envelope. The sum, though small, will greatly aid them and be highly appreciated. Hoping that you will give this appeal your serious and kind consideration.

We remain, yours truly,

                                                                                                                                                   J Jones, Chairman.
                                                                                                                                                   J Davies, Treasurer.
Pembroke, Nov. 1859                                                                                                              I W Willing, Secretary.